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Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But hopefully soon, and for a very long time.

Are you a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual who thrives in a collaborative environment? Do you get energized by a team that celebrates each other’s successes, and constantly seeks improvement? If so, we encourage you to introduce yourself to us to be considered for future opportunities at Battaglia Law, PLLC.

Our Team

We’re passionate about providing exceptional legal representation to customers and clients, with a focus in the area of real estate closings. Our goal is to complete smooth and successful transactions for all parties involved. We want to share this passion with as many people as possible. If this sounds awesome to you, then we want to hear from you!

What Battaglia Law, PLLC Looks For:

  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork. Our team members support each other, celebrate successes together, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We value those who thrive in a collaborative environment and enjoy building positive relationships with colleagues.
  • Building Positive Relationships: We believe work shouldn’t just be about tasks; it should be about the people you work with too. We look for individuals who enjoy coming to work and fostering positive connections with their colleagues. Looking forward to having a friend at the office? We are too!
  • Adaptability and Growth Mindset: The legal landscape, and our approach to it, are constantly evolving. We thrive on continuous improvement and seek individuals who embrace change and new ideas.
  • Detail-Oriented: Accuracy is paramount in real estate closings. We value meticulous individuals who ensure every detail is handled correctly.
  • Strong Work Ethic: We are a driven team, committed to exceeding client expectations. We seek individuals who share this same dedication.

What Battaglia Law, PLLC Offers:

  • Opportunity to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team.
  • Exposure to a variety of real estate transactions with sophisticated clients and other professionals.
  • A culture of continuous learning and professional development.
  • A company that embraces new technologies and advancements.
  • Opportunity for personal advancement, to grow alongside our developing company.
  • The chance to make a real difference in the lives of our clients.

Battaglia Law, PLLC believes in efficiency and effectiveness. To that end we leverage internal systems and procedures. These systems are constantly being optimized to ensure the best possible experience for our team, clients, and customers. This involves constantly analyzing and identifying areas for improvement, implementing changes, and measuring the results.

It’s not easy! if you enjoy a challenge and get excited at the thought of achieving success through ever-evolving processes, this could be the perfect environment for you.

The Ideal Candidate:

Prior experience working in a real estate law firm as any of the following is a plus, but is not required: paralegal, title processor, title closer, legal assistant, law clerk, attorney, legal receptionist. A college degree is also not required. Most importantly, we are interested in finding individuals who possess the following qualities:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Ability to receive criticism.
  • Ability to give criticism.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (365) Suite.

Let’s Talk!

While there are no immediate openings, we are always looking to build our network for future opportunities. If you’re interested in joining our team, please submit a resume and a brief personal statement outlining your goals (professionally and personally) and what might excite you about Battaglia Law, PLLC. Please use the form below to upload your information.

Your submission will be held in the strictest confidence. We look forward to hearing from you!

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