Bankruptcy Law

Don’t be imprisoned by your debt!

  • Facing foreclosure or delinquent on your mortgage payments?
  • Being harassed by creditors or debt collectors?
  • Served with a summons to answer or appear in court?
  • Struggling to make your mortgage payment?
  • Are your wages being garnished?
  • Has your bank account been garnished?
  • Paying towards IRS debt?
  • Credit card balances never decreasing?
  • Unable to work due to an injury?
  • Your home has no equity due to a second mortgage?
debtor prison

If one or more of the above apply to you, it is imperative that you speak with Bradenton bankruptcy attorney Joseph B. Battaglia to discuss your options and find out whether filing a voluntary bankruptcy, such as chapter 7 or chapter 13, may be a good strategy for you. There are some general myths associated with bankruptcy, one of which is that you will lose everything you own if you file. This is not true, as are many other myths that you may have heard. This is why it is important for you to speak with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer such as chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Joseph Battaglia to understand your rights. You will receive a free office consultation on your first visit to discuss your options and determine a path for recovery.

Seasoned Representation

There are different types of bankruptcy and every case is unique. Filing the wrong chapter can have devastating effects. This is why, in a time as delicate as this, you will want an attorney who is experienced in representing individuals just like you — Bradenton bankruptcy attorney Joseph B. Battaglia filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases on behalf of individuals experiencing debt problems. Additionally, he is also familiar with representing the “other side,” as he has represented creditors, such as mortgage lenders and servicers, in hundreds more bankruptcy cases throughout the state of Florida. Having also handled a number of adversary proceedings and contested matters as counsel for both debtors and creditors, Sarasota bankruptcy attorney Joe Battaglia has a unique perspective from which he draws when representing clients like you.

Mortgage Modification

If you are experiencing difficulties in making your monthly mortgage payments, you may be eligible to participate in the bankruptcy court’s mortgage modification mediation program. Consumer bankruptcy attorney Joseph B. Battaglia has participated in hundreds of bankruptcy mortgage modification mediations, a number of which have resulted in successful mortgage modifications with homeowners receiving reductions in interest rates, monthly payments, and, in some rare situations, even principal reductions. All situations are unique and not all homeowners are eligible for modification, which is why it is important to have legal counsel who is knowledgeable in this area to assist you. Mr. Battaglia is familiar with the processes involved and will work very closely with you and your creditor to ensure that all required documentation is submitted for review.

Demonstrated Experience

Aside from his hands-on experience representing parties in bankruptcy court, Bradenton chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Joseph B. Battaglia has authored publications and presented content to other attorneys on various topics pertaining to the practice of bankruptcy law. Contact him today for a consultation, and allow his experience to assist you in finding relief from your debt problems.

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