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Credit card or debt collection lawsuit

Have you been sued? Have you been served with a summons, complaint, notice to appear, or a statement of claim alleging that you have not paid a debt? If so, do not hesitate to contact a Bradenton debt defense attorney such as Joseph Battaglia to review your matter. Ignoring such a lawsuit is the worst thing you can do. If you fail to timely respond or appear, a default judgment can be entered against you. Responding to the creditor or the court is probably the next worst thing you could do — your well-intended letter may inadvertently contain admissions, which could also result in a judgment being entered against you. You may have defenses available which, if not timely asserted, will be waived.

Do not ignore the lawsuit. It is important to have competent legal counsel representing you in a lawsuit so that a judgment is not entered against you by default. Contact a Sarasota consumer lawyer, such as attorney Joe Battaglia, to review your matter and determine a prudent course to take.


Lakewood Ranch Attorney Joseph Battaglia has represented both landlords and tenants in regards to leases and eviction matters. Attorney Battaglia has represented parties in residential and commercial lease matters and eviction lawsuits. If you are in need of an eviction lawyer, contact attorney Joe Battaglia today to review your matter.

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