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Joseph Battaglia Secures Civil Judgment in Favor of Clients Following Two-Day Trial

The County Court in and for Manatee County, Florida has entered judgment in favor of a husband and wife represented by Lakewood Ranch attorney, Joseph Battaglia. The clients were sued by a local roofing company after the husband and wife withheld the final payment based upon defects in the roof’s installation. Prior to the lawsuit being filed, the husband and wife communicated that they would be happy to pay the final portion owed to the roofer, once the work was completed correctly. Unfortunately, the roofing company refused to correct the defects and chose instead to sue the husband and wife for the balance that the company believed it was owed.

Attorney Joseph Battaglia appeared in the case on behalf of the homeowners and not only opposed the allegations of the roofing company, but also countersued the roofing company, alleging defects and an uncompleted status in its work performed. Almost a year and a half after the lawsuit was filed, a two-day non-jury trial was held in which testimony was given by the homeowners, the license qualifier and an owner of the roofing company, a roofing inspector, and an engineer. Following the conclusion of the trial, the court entered a judgment in favor of the husband and wife, finding that the roofing company failed to install portions of the roof according to the building code, awarding monetary damages to the husband and wife as a result. As the prevailing party in the lawsuit, and based upon their contract with the roofing company, the husband and wife are able to seek recovery of their attorney’s fees and costs incurred in connection with the lawsuit.

While the husband and wife clients of Joseph Battaglia received a favorable outcome in their case, note that every case is unique and past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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