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Just Bought New Construction in Florida? You Might Be Owed Money From the Builder

And we can help.

Congratulations on your beautiful new construction home in the Sunshine State! But before you sink into those beachy vibes, there’s one important detail to consider: post-closing tax re-proration provisions. In plain English, this means you might be entitled to money back from the builder (the seller) due to potential discrepancies between the initial tax estimate used to prorate costs at closing and the actual tax bill.

Why might this happen? New construction properties often have estimated taxes based on incomplete assessments or projections. When the final tax bill arrives, it can be significantly higher or lower than anticipated. If your purchase agreement allows, that’s when re-proration kicks in.

How much could you be owed?

It all depends. But, in a recent matter I handled, my client recovered over $4,000 following my demand to the builder for a post-closing tax re-proration. However, every situation is different and so it’s important to note that your potential refund could be less than this. Further, in some situations, you may be entitled to no re-proration at all. Battaglia Law, PLLC can help you determine your eligibility, and can properly request the money on your behalf.

Here’s why it’s crucial to act, and to act now:

  • Time is of the essence. Most re-proration provisions have strict deadlines within which re-proration must be demanded. Missing the deadline could mean forfeiting your claim.
  • Reviewing Contracts and Calculating Re-Prorations can be tricky. Navigating legal agreements and complex calculations requires expertise. An experienced real estate attorney, like Joseph Battaglia, will be sure to request the full amount you’re owed.
  • We’ve got your back! At Battaglia Law, PLLC, we specialize in resolving these types of issues for Florida homeowners. We understand the nuances of re-proration provisions and can handle the entire process on your behalf, from reviewing your closing documents to negotiating with the seller and securing your refund.

Don’t let uncertainty cloud your new home joy. We’ll analyze your situation and let you know if you have a potential claim for a post-closing tax re-proration refund. If you do, we will act promptly on your behalf to recover the money that is owed to you. Remember, thousands of dollars could be waiting for you! Don’t delay – contact us today.

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